Peter (Sound, Lighting Technician)

  • Peter (Sound, Lighting Technician)

For the last 5 years, I’ve worked as a front of house sound engineer, setup stage and had a chance to get to know many good touring bands and helped them with live performances. With my team, we are able to provide technical solutions for most of the entertainment act’s riders (sound, lighting etc.).

Here is the list of the bands and the festivals where I had a privilege to work:


Kurara (RUS)
Alterday (RUS)
Jay Stever’s band (LV)
Telescopes (UK)
Louie Fontaine and Starlight searchers (LV)
PX Band (EST)
Phlox (EST)
Junk Riot (EST)
Merries (FI)
Lovesport (FI)
Lemon Trees (EST)
Noise Fabrique (RU/FI)
Dzierzynski Bitz (UKR)
Funcoolio (LV)

Festivals (EST):

Tallinn Music Week (TMW) (2014-2015)
Manka Boutique festival (2013-2014-2015)
Sputnik (2013-2014-2015)