Comedy Duo "Butterfly"

  • Comedy Duo "Butterfly"

1998- Graduated from Moscow Circus College
2002- Created unique number: "BUTTERFLY"
2004- worked in Germany in Roncalli Circus –“The Kelly Family"
2005- worked in Korea (Seoul)- "Gala"
        - Beirut Casino "Du Lebanon"
        - Paris Magic TV "Grand Cabaret Du Monde"
        - Orlean "Gala"
        - Monaco "Gala"
2006– worked in Paris Circus "Phenix"
2007- USA Casino- "Beau Rivage" (Biloxi MS)
         - Hong-Kong "Gala"
2008- appeared on Moscow TV Show
       - Turkey TV
       - Estonian TV
       - Norway TV
       - Beijing TV
2008-2009- worked in Paris Circus "Phenix"
2009-2010- Switzerland "Conelly Circus"
                  - Cuba "Gala- show"
                  - Germany " Sudakan musical"
2011- Kazaxstan "Gala"
         - Japan "Shizuoka Daidoge World Cup 2011"
2012- Moscow  "The Olympic stadium”-New year show-"Red Nik"
          - Turkey "Gala-show"
          - Singapore "Gala-show”
          - Bangkok    "Gala-show”...
2013- China The 1st China international Circus festival in Zhuhai 
2013-2014- China Zhuhai circus theater
                   - Paris Magic TV "Grand Cabaret Du Monde"

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